Learn How to Safely Shop Ecommerce Stores With These Tips

Do you like to shop ecommerce stores? If so, you should make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to avoid having your banking or credit card information stolen. This information is not intended to scare you away from shopping online. There are millions of legitimate websites out there to shop from, but you should do everything you can to help avoid getting scammed online. Here are some great tips to help you shop safely from ecommerce stores.


#1 – Be Careful With Deals and Prizes


There are times when a deal or offer is too good to actually be true. Have you ever received an email claiming that you have won a prize? These are almost always a scam, unless you actually signed up for that particular contest. Emails are not the only way scammers will try to get you with fake deals or prizes. When shopping online, avoid deals that way below the retail value or the price offered on other websites. While you want the best deal, there are times when a price is just too good.


#2 – Shop from Major Ecommerce Websites


When you first go online and start shopping for a product, start your search from the major online retailers. Almost any major department store has a ecommerce options. By visiting a popular, trusted website, you know that you are good hands that your information will be protected. This is just as safe as shopping in person. While shopping major online retailers is a great idea, you should also double check the spelling of these websites. Some malicious people will create a website with a name that is spelled similar to a popular website, hoping that internet users will accidentally type in the wrong name. These websites are built with one purpose, to steal your credit card information.


#3 – Shop Sites With Encrypted Payment Systems


If the ecommerce store that you are visiting has an online shopping cart, then every page you visit should use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. This is an additional form of protection that is used by websites on a dedicated server. Even if the website does not have a shopping cart, then any page containing payment information should still use SSL. How do you find out if a web page uses SSL? Look for a small icon that looks like a lock, next to the address bar. Also, the address of the web page should begin with HTTPS, instead of HTTP.


#4 – Do Not Give Out Your Social Security Number


This is a tip that many people do not think of, even though it has been told over and over again. You should never have to provide someone with your social security number, except for your employer and financial institutions. If an ecommerce store wants your social security number, find somewhere else to shop. Also, avoid websites that ask for too many details about you. The only information they should need is your name, shipping and billing address, and your payment information.


#5 – Do Not Buy 3rd Party Gift Cards


When you buy a gift card, only purchase it from a trusted source. Do not bid on gift cards on auction sites or from a website that you are unfamiliar with. Gift card scams are a popular way to trick people, especially online. You could end up receiving a series of random numbers that have absolutely no value at any retail location.


Use these tips when you shop online to protect your banking or credit card information. Shopping safe is not that difficult, if you keep these tips in mind. Thank you for reading and remember to leave a comment if you have a question.