Raw Greens Repair
We need a wide variety of greens to get all of our protein amino acid needs while alkalizing the body to reverse any ill effects from toxins in our environment, poor diet choices and psychological stress tomato sprouts.

This is where the sprouting craze really helps out. It makes it easier to get in all that green delicious alkalizing health, plus that fat is used up in the energy that it takes for the seed to sprout, so all you have left is the protein. This means a quick energy boost because your body can readily absorb plant based amino-acids, unlike meat proteins that have to be broken down and rebuilt. Also, the more raw green foods you replace with dairy and meats, the more you get to eat.

Sprouts are Proteins
Alfalfa sprouting is great for beginners and are the easiest to find. You get to eat an abundance of these in salads, wraps and smoothies. Do not forget to top off your cooked dishes such as stir-fry, soups and stews with this as a raw garnish. The macro breakdown of 1 oz of alfalfa sprouts yields: 7 calories, 0 fat and 1.1 g protein.

All you need to grow sprouts:
• quart glass jar
• ventilated cover: stocking or cheese cloth or screen
• rubber band
• 2 Tablespoons sprouting seeds of your choice

Day 1: SOAK
Rinse 2 T of seeds. Put in jar and fill a quarter full with room-temperature water. Secure cover with rubber band. Soak overnight.

Day 2: RINSE
Leave ventilated cover on. Drain out the water, rinse and drain again. You want to seeds to be drained, wet and have access to air. Roll the jar around, causing as many seeds to stick to the sides as possible. Lay the jar on its side and let sit over night.

Days 3-5: REPEAT
Now you are just repeating the rinsing. Rinse the seeds at least each 24 hours with cool water, repeating Day 2. The idea is to rid the seeds of disease organisms and toxins that accumulate in the warm, moist conditions inside the jar.

Days 5-6: EAT
Spread out your sprouts on a paper towel and let the sun shine on them for 10 minutes. This is imperative to activate enzymes, making their leaves greener and drying the moisture so they do not spoil.