Antiques must be handled very safely, never mind what kind it may be. As these are very much fragile, they need some special way of handling. If it is of very rare item, then it is better for you to take it to the professionals, so that they will make your jewelry clean and restore any losses like loose stone. Some antique jewelry of low value could be cleaned at home with the implements at home jade bracelet.

It is not advisable to clean the bracelets with liquids frequently; even small harmless particles like soap could damage the jewelry. It is strongly objected to use bleach for the purpose of cleaning the jewelry, as bleach will oxidize the metal and turn their quality, particularly it is very much dangerous for silver, and it will damage the metal instead of making it shiny. If you had kept the silver bracelets without wearing for some months, then clean it gently to remove the tarnish.

Silver is further categorized as sterling silver and this one is impure silver, it is only the mixture of silver and copper. tarnish caused to the silver is due to the oxidation of copper in the alloy, and it must be known that always pure silver will not be tarnished, but pure silver could not be used for jewelry purpose as it is a very light metal.

There are some advises for you to clean your bracelets. The process of cleaning the bracelets must begin with the wiping of the bracelets with a soft and dry material, if there is any fragments got into the score then it must be got out by the way of brushing it with a soft bristle toothbrush. If you find any loose stones in the bracelet, then do not try to mend it by your self, take the jewelry to your jeweler and got it repaired.

At times, it will not be enough if you make your cleaning by a simple process of cleaning with dry cloths and doing some brushing. In such a case you could try by cleaning with a moist cloth. Carefully do this in a small area as a test before trying it to the whole bracelet. Suppose, if your bracelet is designed with stones of foil backed, then it is a must that you avoid using water for the cleaning purpose. If the foil is exposed to water, then it will start coming out slowly and it will reduce the good look of the piece, even if a very meager quantity of water gets in, it will make the foil backing to come out.

If your bracelet is not having foil back and if your bracelet needs some more cleaning, then you could do it with soap and water and let it to have an ammonia bath, but see to that it must not be done very often.

Here are some guidelines for you to clean your bracelets:

1. Before starting the process of cleaning the bracelet, check whether there are any loose stones in your jewelry, if you could find any like that then it is better for you to take it to the professionals for correction.

2. Each and every stone must be checked whether there is any foil backing, as the old jewelry has lots of this opportunity. As said above you must be very watchful when dealing with the old foil backed bracelet.